Marketing for Architects and Designers

The marketing of a Designer or Design firm requires three steps:
a) POSITIONING oneself within the context of the profession, by choosing one or more segments that relate to what the designer is interested in (and capable of) working on.
b) DIFFERENTIATING oneself from the competition within the same segment and market, and focusing efforts and concentration on that trait, and finally,
c) IMPLEMENTING an effective strategy that will allow prospective clients to know about this designer/ design firm. This entails putting together the right story to tell  putting together effective strategies, and implementing these strategies, following the correct sequence of activities that will communicate the correct message of the designer, to the correct people.
This one-on-one workshop focuses on examining all three steps and aims at helping the participant learn how to use basic and effective knowledge on their own self and company.
  • The workshop focuses on the most important, practical aspects of the subject, and helps create a clear road-map for the success of the participant.
  • 100% 1-on-1 focus
  • 100% online >>> learn and strategize from the convenience of your own home
  • Four 2hr sessions (total of 8 hours)
  • 50% of time spent on lecture-type analysis of concepts
  • 50% (adjusted according to participant) spent on examining and improving participant
  • ONLY $595¬†

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