Management for Architects and Designers


The main characteristic of a successful architecture and design business is great management! What makes a great manager is the ability to understand and manage 3 things: a) money, b) Time, and c) People.


Money: from developing a budget that makes sense and sticking to it, either for a project or for the firm, to knowing what type of spending is an investment and what is a waste, it all comes down to the manager’s ability to make decisions. This type of decision-making is based on knowledge, experience and the use of the right tools, which can be helpful at crucial moments.

Time: developing clear schedules that are grounded on reality, and avoiding wasting the time of your clients and wasting your own money.

People: This has to do with being a leader, an innovator, a manager of talent, etc.

When money, time and people are managed correctly, they ensure that the company will prosper and that the office’s reputation will improve. This workshop examines the factors that come into play in these three categories and then examines ¬†them as they are applied on projects. Finally, a large part of the workshop focuses on actually working with the participant to improve aspects of her/his performance as a manager. You will be able to methodically answer questions about your own business o position, and develop/ implement a strategy for improving.


  • The workshop focuses on the most important, practical aspects of the subject, and helps create a clear road-map for the success of the participant.
  • 100% 1-on-1 focus
  • 100% online >>> learn and strategize from the convenience of your own home
  • Four 2hr sessions (total of 8 hours)
  • 50% of time spent on lecture-type analysis of concepts
  • 50% (adjusted according to participant) sp
    ent on examining and improving participant
  • ONLY $595¬†

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