Portfolio Preparation for GRADUATE Schools of Architecture and Design


Given the relative unimportance of grades and test scores in M.F.A. and M. Arch. admissions, the portfolio becomes the critical factor in determining the applicant’s success. A great portfolio not only demonstrates the depth of your artistic vision, but also places the rest of your application into perspective. You must use the portfolio to explain the fundamental meaning of your designs, your projected audience and intention, and how your work addresses broader societal currents. Above all, you must create a beautiful object (your book) consisting of clear and well organized projects, that will make even the busiest admissions official respect you and feel compelled to admit you.

We have great experience in offering a great variety of portfolio development workshops for designers of different backgrounds and goals. We have workshops designed for designers seeking for a permanent professional position or internship at a firm, and also for design-school applicants, both graduate and undergrad. All of our workshop coaches are graduates of some of the most prestigious design schools in the country, and have a lot of experience in both actively editing/ developing portfolios and also coaching. Our coaches and our research allow us to determine what types of projects are ideal for an application to a specific school or company at a specific point in time. We make sure that we create plans for the development of unique portfolios that will differentiate application from the rest.

The most important aspect of a portfolio that is submitted for consideration is demonstrating that the person responsible for it can think in a unique and sophisticated manner. It is also extremely important to demonstrate the ability to think using different types of media and different approaches.
Our methods are constantly tested, and have been examined and reexamined over the past ten years. We know what will work, and we have proven the effectiveness of our approach through the success rate of our undergraduate students, which approaches 100% for first choice architecture, design or art schools, and over 80% for some type of merit based scholarship.

We offer several types of workshops for undergraduate applicants: 1-on-1, Group workshops, Online workshops and a variety of portfolio editing packages. You can contact us by email, or call and receive answers to all of your questions about our workshops and any other Design Venturer editing service.


Online Workshops

The purpose of the online workshops is to a) provide people who live outside the New York area with access to our workshops, and b) offer a more convenient and affordable option for anybody….Learn More>>>


Group Workshops 

Our Group workshops offer an excellent and very affordable option for completing a portfolio….Learn More>>>



1-on-1 Workshops 

During the 1-on-1 workshops, you will get the opportunity to develop a custom-designed portfolio step by step that will allow you to succeed … Learn More>>>


School Workshops

Design Venturer offers crash-course workshops to student groups at highschools, colleges and graduate schools. The workshops have a collaborative form and aim at helping the students develop an understanding of the essentials of portfolio development… Learn More>>>



During our crash course you will have a chance to understand what your portfolio should communicate, what would make it unique according to the type of your work, and how to develop it in order to achieve your goals… Learn More>>>






Premium Portfolio Editing Service Package

With our Premium Editing Service, Design Venturer’s  dedicated team of editors spend hours on each portfolio, suggesting content improvements, correcting grammatical and stylistic errors, and recommending ways to make your application stand out… Learn More>>>


Gold Portfolio Editing Service Package

This is our most popular portfolio editing service. Design Venturer’s  Grand Portfolio Editing Service mostly suits the needs of graduate architecture/design school applicants seeking extended interaction with our coaches. The Grand Service’s extended editor interaction ensures that your portfolio is exactly the way you want it to be… Learn More>>>



Platinum Portfolio Editing Service Package

Don’t know where to begin? Want to write the most outstanding essay possible? With the Platinum Service, you can speak on the phone, or have a video conference with your own Design Venturer’s  Coach and receive in-depth help with all stages of the portfolio development process…Learn More>>>



Resume/Coverletter/Worksheet – Editing

Design Venturer’s editing services will edit your full application package, helping you develop the ideal first-impression tool for your application. This is a great and very affordable service and is highly recommended for professional applicants… Learn More>>>


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