Portfolio preparation for UNDERGRADUATE Schools of Architecture and Design


These are private lessons designed on a case-by-case basis.
During the 1-on-1 workshops, you will get the opportunity to develop a custom-designed portfolio step by step that will allow you to succeed in gaining admission to some of the Top 5-yr Architecture, Design and Art programs in the country. In the past, our candidates have made it to programs such as Harvard GSD, Columbia GSAPP, Cooper Union, Cornell (U), MIT , Pratt, Parson’s, Yale, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and many others. Our students have been particularly successful in not only getting in, but very often receiving some very hard-to-get scholarships, presidential fellowships, grants and other forms of financial awards. Several of our 1-on-1 students receive instant recognition in the architecture/ design school they choose, thanks to their higher level of design skills (which they manage to develop during the process of portfolio development), and several have their portfolios chosen to be exhibited as excellent examples for incoming students.



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1-on-1 workshops are tailored to the background, schedule, and goals of the student, so every lesson sequence is different. The workshop sessions take place at a variety of locations specified in the planning stage by the instructor.
During the planning stage of the course, we will develop a clear plan according to your timeframe, background and budget. During a free introductory meeting, we will get to discuss everything with you, answer any of your questions, and define a clear trajectory consisting of stages, goals and deadlines.
Normally, a complete workshop for a student that is starting from scratch consists of three stages. The first stage is “Content Development”, during which you will get to develop projects in a way that will maximize the effectiveness of your portfolio. This is a very interesting and creative stage in the process, during which you will have a chance not only to work towards your academic goal, but also to learn new design skills ranging from software use, to digital graphics, to traditional methods of drawing, painting, model-building and even sculpture, all of which will be extremely useful to you during your time at design school.

The second stage, the shortest of the three, is “Book-Planning”. During this stage we will organize the work in a way that communicates what makes you special. This is a key phase in the development process and defines the narrative aspects of the portfolio. Decision-making during this important process will be based on our past experience in content organization. Through several exercises (including reflection based on the already developed content) we will determine our approach, and choose a strategy that will guarantee to help us produce an innovative and eye-catching narrative portfolio.
Finally, the third stage, is the one dealing with actually putting together the book. In some cases all that is required is a set of slides or prints. Therefore, the third stage of our process only applies to cases of schools that require a complete book. This stage is extremely involved on our side, as every page, chapter and project will be developed through a back-and-forth process and thoroughly examined by us during and between sessions in order to determine the level of its clarity and exuberance within the portfolio.

As part of this very important process, the instructor will be available any time in-between sessions through email to answer any questions that you might have, and give you feedback.
To ensure the absolute highest level of experience and coaching, 1-on-1 courses are always coached by the lead-instructor of Polytechnic Design Seminar (Evangelos Limpantoudis), which is why there is a very limited number of students per year. For this reason, a selection process based on dedication is necessary . Please feel free to contact us and speak directly with Evangelos in order to schedule a free introductory meeting. At the moment, regular 1-on-1 workshops are only available within the Tristate area (NY, NJ, CO). If you are located outside the Tristate, please consider one of our other options, including the very effective and affordable 1-on-1 Online workshops.

PRICING: $145/hr



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